These are the telescopes we are currently using. The black scope we call a Durascope. It is an 8" f/6 and is housed in a plastic drainage tube. The tube is almost indestructable and is able to support the wieght of 3 grown men. The mount and peir, as well as the telescope, are all home made.

The next is a meade DS90 with autostar. We are using this as a learning tool. With this scope we can understand the digital encoders and goto systems. Although this unit is extremely hard to do a basic alignment, It does help to find some of the fainter objects in the night sky.

The other scope is a colter optics 4" refractor. I mounted it on a GEM 3 EQ mount so I could motorize it. Most of the images taken so far have been from this scope. While it is not a goto system, it tracks very well. We are now trying to use this scope as a high mag guide scope that we can hand guide while imaging with our 66mm ED refractor.

The newest addition to the collection is a 12" f/10 folded newtonian. It has been a bear to build but appears to be worth the effort. It is still under construction, but is currently usable.

We have now added a 66mm ED refractor to our arsenal. We are all very excited about the clearity and contrast this telescope delivers, We are sure to get some beautiful images with this scope.